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I was commissioned by Spot Reels LTD to design and animate this explainer video for GADETA,  a medical company, who are seeking investment for a potential new cancer treatment.

Created in Adobe Animate/ Adobe Flash.

agent gumball

Animated sprites, created for Cartoon Network, to be used in their online game

"Agent Gumball". In association with the television series

"The Amazing World of Gumball"

Created in Adobe Animate/ Adobe Flash

Missing Dad

Missing Dad is a BAFTA nominated documentary about children who's fathers are in prison. Due to no filming rules in the prisons, I was hired to storyboard and animate the sequences where the children describe the visits with their dads.

Animated in Adobe Animate.

The documentary can be seen on iplayer

virtual cabinet

Product explainer video created in Adobe Flash/ Adobe Animate

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